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Technical Information on Resources and Usage

On the info page you can find, besides the description of the learning resource and within the course information on Technical Information on Resources and Usage, the resource meta data. These always contain the technical OpenOlat specific information on the listing. Already in courses embedded learning resources also display information on usage, e.g. the associated courses. These entries cannot be altered.

Technical Information

ID : Automatically generated identification number of learning resource . You can search for the learning resource using the this ID.

The ID is followed by the creation and last access dates. You can change access rights via the access configuration in the resource settings.

Created by / Author: Automatically inserted name of the user who created this learning resource (cannot be altered). The creator can be looked up in the search field in the authoring environment as well as other owners of this learning resource.

Information on usage

License information: Display of the license assigned to the learning resource and - if specified - licensor and license text.

References: Here you can see which courses use this learning resource. As long as this learning resource is used within a course it cannot be deleted.

Last access shows the the time and date the resource was started last.

Current users: Indicates how many users have started this learning resource in OpenOlat at that moment.

Number of launches: Automatically counts how often that learning resource has been launched in total. If this resource cannot be launched in OpenOlat the entry Launch not supported will appear.

Number of exports: Automatically counts how often this learning resource has been downloaded in total.

Last update: 2024-05-24