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Learning Activities in Courses

In this chapter learning activities within a course will be explained from the participant's point of view.

In addition to the course elements, learners also have access to tools in the toolbar. Depending on which tools have been activated by the course creator, learners can access the course calendar here, get an overview of the course participants, retrieve course messages, send e-mails, postings in the forum, retrieve documents, chat, and use the glossary, wiki, or blog.

There are two types of courses in OpenOlat, conventional courses and learning path courses. The respective possibilities and activities may differ.

Set a bookmark. You will find the corresponding icon either on the bottom right just underneath the "Start / Book course" button on the info page, in the course list to the left of the course title, or in the segmented view on the right side of the course title. You can also find it in the "My course" drop down menu in the course. Bookmarked favourites can be found in the "Course" section in the tab "Favourites".

Last update: 2024-05-24