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Session Timeout and Logout

OpenOlat administers a session for all users. Each click (e.g. on a question in a test) restarts the session time of your session. System administrators are able to set the session time according to their needs. If there are no clicks within that session time in OpenOlat the session will be terminated.

Session timeouts will not be announced. After your session time is up you will have to log in anew. All data that have not been saved will be lost. You should therefore periodically save your work.

It is possible to log off of OpenOlat at any time by using the logout icon on your top right. You will then get back to the login page. If you do not log off but only close the browser or the browser window your session will go on till your session timeout is reached.

If you want to use OpenOlat in public places it is important to log off of OpenOlat; to only close your browser window is not enough. As long as your session is active another person could use your OpenOlat login data at that computer.

Last update: 2024-05-24