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New OLAT login process for UZH members starting with November 2, 2022

Starting with November 2, 2022, there are changes in the login process for members of the University of Zurich. Instead of the former SWITCHaai login service (with the credentials UZH shortname and UZH password), the SWITCH edu-ID login service is used.

Members of the University of Zurich who use the services of the University Library usually own a SWITCH edu-ID account already.

To check your SWITCH edu-ID account, you can access it via the link

If you are able to log in to your SWITCH edu-ID account, but the University of Zurich is not listed as an organizational identity in the section "Linked Identities", you can add it by following our Instructions.

If you do not yet have a SWITCH edu-ID account, please create one according to our Instructions.

Switching the login service for UZH members from SWITCHaai to SWITCH edu-ID

What remains the same?

  • As before, UZH members choose "University of Zurich" as their institution on the OLAT login page (auditors choose "SWITCH edu-ID").
  • The changeover does not require a new OLAT account, the current one can be used further on.

What changes occur?

  • Instead of the UZH short name and aai password, you need the credentials (your email address and password) for your SWITCH edu-ID account to log in.

For further information and support, please visit the SWITCH edu-ID Help.

Last update: 2023-01-24