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OLAT 5.3.0

Released on December 6, 2023

OLAT code update according to OpenOlat 17.2.18

  • Course element "Literature"

    • Fixed a red screen when editing imported literature lists with additional formatting
    • Adding a background image in the course element is now possible
  • Course element "Peer Review"

    • Update problem: as a course participant, the step "Feedback from reviews ..." is now displayed immediately after confirming the step "Peer review"
    • Usability: after completing a review, there is now a back button
    • Update problem: when I have completed an expert review as a coach, the status in the "All participants" tab is updated immediately
    • Usability: when displaying the review questions in Read Only, you can switch back to the overview
    • Privacy statements are added to the Excel export
    • When extending the calibration, the status is updated accordingly
    • Correct validation of the review questions
    • Copying, duplicating, converting, importing and exporting review criteria is now also possible
    • Label and text improvements
    • Improvement when extending deadlines: additional message if no submission has taken place
    • Labels in the configuration for the evaluation have been improved
    • Display of experts to course owners
    • Display of the number of points for the answer options to course owners
    • Overview of deadlines: listing of deadlines for course owners
    • Display of submission for the Expert Review
    • Feedback from reviews on submitted work: appropriate status if deadline is missed
    • Validation of the assessment strategy in percentages when adding further workflow steps at a later date
    • Fixed a red screen in the default setting of the calibration assessment
    • Changing the evaluation strategy can be canceled
    • Display of the assessment interval and improvement of the configuration in the assessment for the quality of the peer review
    • Visual status change in the course element "Peer Review" when submitting the work in the course element "Assignment"
    • Adding a background image in the course element is now possible
  • Campus courses:

    • With a large number of (campus) courses, the waiting time for creating the courses is greatly reduced
  • Course element "Programming in ACCESS":

    • Gendering the labels
    • It is now possible to add a background image to the course element

1 further improvement

OLAT 5.3.0 has one further improvement compared to the last version.

7 bug fixes

In OLAT 5.3.0 7 bugs have been fixed.

Last update: 2024-05-24