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Registration for UZH members

A so-called ITIM account is created for members of the UZH (lecturers, students, employees etc.). Students receive a password letter from the UZH administration and instructions on how to set their passwords in the Security Identity Manager for the first time in their profile on the UZH application portal. Employees and Lecturers receive that information prior to their first working day by mail.


Further informatin on how to change your UZH passwords can be found under and on

If you are facing problems in logging in with your UZH login data, please contact our colleagues from the IT service desk.

Registration at OLAT

  1. If you already have a SWITCH edu-ID account (e.g. as user of the ZB Zurich), continue directly with point 2.
    If you do not yet have a SWITCH edu-ID account, go to, select "Create account" and follow the instructions on the page.

  2. Lecturers, students and employees of UZH must link the UZH in their SWITCH edu-ID account.
    Go on with point 3.

    Auditors and participants of CAS and DAS further education programmes don't need to link an institution. They go the OLAT login page, select "SWITCH edu-ID" from the dropdown list and choose "login". Then go on with point 5.

  3. (For lecturers, studenst with regular immatriculation and employees of the UZH:) Open the linking tool and follow the instructions. The linking process can be done from the edu-ID account directly following this guide).

  4. Go to the OLAT login page, choose the organization "Universität Zürich" from the dropdown list and choose "login". Auditors choose "SWITCH edu-ID".

  5. You are forwarded to the login page of SWITCH edu-ID. After successful login you are sent back to the registration page of OLAT.

  6. Choose the desired language for the user interface, choose a username (no upper case letters) and accept the terms of use.


Further information on the registration process and the login with SWITCH edu-ID can be found under OLAT Registration and on the SWITCH edu-ID FAQ page of the UZH.

If you have problems with your SWITCH edu-ID password, please select "Forgotten your password?" or contact the IT service desk.

After successful registration, the start page specified by the system administrator is displayed. Under Settings you will find information on how you can set your personal start page.