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Registration for UZH members

Registration as a member of the University of Zürich (UZH)

A so-called ITIM account is created for members of the UZH (lecturers, students, employees, ...). Your initial password and your UZH full name for this account will be sent to you by mail. As soon as you have this letter, proceed as follows to gain access to OLAT.

Prerequisite for registering: you need this data

  • UZH-Fullname
  • UZH-Shortname
  • AAI Password

If you have not yet changed the initial password, it is best to do so first.

Change password for AAI:

  1. open the website
  2. log in there using your-UZH Full Name and the corresponding password
  3. navigate to "Change password"
  4. change the password for "AAI"

Registration at OLAT:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Select "University of Zurich" in the menu:

  3. Click on "Login"

  4. Now enter the credentials for your SWITCH edu-ID account (email and password). If you do not have a SWITCH edu-ID yet, you can now create a SWITCH edu-ID account.
  5. Follow the further steps in the registration process.

If you have problems with your SWITCH edu-ID password, please select "Forgotten your password?" or contact by email.

After successful registration, the start page specified by the system administrator is displayed. Under Settings you will find information on how you can set your personal start page.

Last update: 2023-08-23