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Course element "Kaltura"

Kaltura access

The new video platform Kaltura is offered to Swiss universities by SWITCH. The video platform is open to all OLAT users and allows you to upload your own videos and make them accessible to a dedicated audience.

Videos of all kinds - recordings of your courses, for example - can be uploaded to the video platform and integrated into your courses via the OLAT course module of the same name. Comprehensive documentation on Kaltura can be found at


Starting 18.7.2022 old SWITCHcast and SWITCHtube videos will be migrated to Kaltura. The videos will be stored in the Kaltura media gallery as of the release of the new OLAT module on 22.08.2022. This means that if you delete the videos in Kaltura, they are irrevocably deleted!

Kaltura course element

Tab "Title and description"

Here you can enter a title and a description of the course element.

For more information, see the "Title and description" chapter.

Tab "Layout"

Here you can change the layout options.

Tab "Visibility"

Changing the visibility of a course element is one of three ways to restrict access to course elements.
If you restrict the visibility of a course element, it will no longer appear in the course navigation.

For more information, see the "Visibility" chapter.

Tab "Access"

In the tab "Access" of the course element you can define who has access to this element.

For more information, see the "Access" chapter.

Tab "Configuration"

In the Configuration tab, you can choose whether you want to display your Media Gallery (gallery that course participants see) or your "My Media" (for course owners only). In most cases, you choose the Media Gallery if you want to show videos.

For all authors, "My Media" can also be found under "Personal Tools" and can be displayed by clicking on the user portrait in the upper right corner.

Please consult the Kaltura help for information about configuring the Kaltura software:

My Media

As of August 22, 2022 OLAT authors will be able to manage their recordings and videos directly in OLAT using the tool "My Media" and to integrate them into their courses via the new Kaltura module.

Find "My Media" by clicking on the user profile in the header and selecting "My Media" among the personal tools:

To configure and manage your media, please consult the Kaltura Help:

Last update: 2023-10-26