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To allow you to test the new features of OLAT 6 before this new version has been released you can find here a demo instance with OLAT 6.0.

In order to test your OLAT courses (created in earlier OLAT versions) on the demo instance you can export them as described below and import them into the demo instance.

Instructions: Importing and Exporting Courses for Testing Purposes

To test courses, proceed as follows:

  1. Log on to
  2. under Authoring open corresponding course
  3. under Administration --> Export content (a .zip file will be downloaded)

    Export a course

  4. log on to

  5. under Authoring --> Import the exported .zip file

    Import course

    Choose importfile

  6. the course with its possibly existing learning resources is now imported and available under the author area. Important: the course and its elements are not published and are only accessible to owners in this state.