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Using video

There are different ways of using videos in OLAT.


The new video platform Kaltura is offered to Swiss universities by SWITCH. The video platform is open to all OLAT users and allows you to upload your own videos and make them accessible to a dedicated audience.

Videos of all kinds - recordings of your courses, for example - can be uploaded to the video platform and integrated into your courses via the OLAT course module of the same name. Comprehensive documentation on Kaltura can be found at

You can find the online help for the Kaltura course element here.

Video as learning ressource from URL

Video can also be embed as a learning ressource in OLAT. With that variant, you can use quizes and chapters in the corresponding video.

  1. Choose " import from URL" from the toolbar in the autoring area:

  2. After that, you can embed the learning ressource with "external page" and the external link into your OLAT course.
    You can find the external link, if you navigate in the video learning ressource to "infopage".

  3. ATTENTION: The video learning ressource should be opened in a "new browser" window, because the embedded modes won't work properly.

Insert video in the content editor (course element Single page)

You can upload a video file from your own computer via the "Video" button in the content editor of the course element Single page. In the case of many and/or longer videos, we recommend integration via the Kaltura course element.

Compare Single Page: Add / edit video

Last update: 2024-04-17