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OpenOlat works with a comprehensive group system which allows to configure groups as desired in order to meet different requirements. OpenOlat users can see their groups whenever they click on "Groups" in the main navigation. Here, both your own groups (my groups) and the published groups are displayed in the corresponding menus. Further filtering by favorites or by role is also possible. For further configuration, simply expand the filter area using the small arrow.


All groups you are a member of are always accessible under "Groups" in the "My Groups" tab.

All OpenOlat users can create groups on his own to invite any number of other OpenOlat users. This function may be turned off by the administrator of your OpenOlat system. Groups can be linked to a number of courses and vice versa, if so desired. In this way, groups can be used for group work in courses and also for rights management.

This chapter further explains the different configuration settings and illustrates how to configure groups for various purposes.

Last update: 2024-01-31