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Requirements and known issues


In order to be able to use the campus courses, some requirements must be met:

  1. The course in question must be administered by one of the following faculties:
    • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,
    • Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics,
    • Faculty of Science,
    • Faculty of Medicine,
    • Faculty of Theology and .
  2. Furthermore, the following Institutes also offer campus courses:
    • Educational Development (Lehrentwicklung)
    • School for Transdisciplinary Studies (STS)
  3. The lecturer must be listed in the course catalogue as the lecturer of the course for which a campus course is to be created. This can be checked at the following URL: (go to "Search"/magnifier symbol and "Search Instructors")
  4. The lecturer has an activated ITIM account and thus has a UZH employee number and a UZH short name.
  5. The lecturer must be registered as an OLAT user and has author rights.


If one of the above-mentioned requirements is not met, it is technically not possible to create a campus course for a course!


If you see a new tab 'Campus Courses' in the main navigation, you can create campus courses.

Known issues

It can happen that you, the lecturer, do not see the tab "Campus Courses" or that entries are missing there. Reasons for this can be among other things:

  1. Change of university (new at UZH),
  2. A change in the employment relationship (new employment contract and new employee number at UZH → new login),
  3. You (unknowingly) have several OLAT user accounts,
  4. You only registered as an OLAT user a few minutes / hours ago, the next synchronization is still pending,
  5. One of the requirements for creating a campus course (see section "Requirements") has not been met.


For problems 1 to 3, please send a message to OLAT-Support and, if possible, send us a note like "... new at UZH ...", "... already used OLAT ..." or similar.
If you have just registered, please just wait a few hours. The links for the creation usually appear automatically after the next data synchronization in the "Campus courses" tab.

Last update: 2024-05-24