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OLAT 4.3.0

Released on November 2, 2022

  • Upgrade from OpenOlat 16.2.12 to OpenOlat 16.2.13

  • Login

    • The login to OLAT is now using SWITCH edu-ID in place of SWITCHaai.
  • Peer Review

    • Excel export of all peer review data
    • The course participants' email addresses are displayed on the details page.
    • Further improvements and bug fixes
  • Courses

    • When exporting or importing a course that contains exam mode configurations, the Secure Exam Browser settings will be included as well (only for courses created with OLAT versions 4.3.0 and higher).
  • Security

    • Update of the text library (project "Apache Commons")

15 new Features and Improvements

OLAT 4.3.0 provides 15 new features and improvements compared to the last version.

2 Bug Fixes

In OLAT 4.3.0, 2 bugs have been fixed.