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OLAT 5.0.0

Released on August 22, 2023

  • Course Settings: Share (offers and bookings)

    • Multiple offers (booking methods) per course possible
    • For each offer, the organizational unit, the booking methods and a time period can be set.
  • Course with learning progress

    • When creating a new course, "Course with learning progress" can be selected as course design (type: learning path without sequence).
  • Course overview

    • In the new menu item "In preparation" courses with status "Preparation" are listed.
  • Course element "Exercise (new)

    • Questions from the question bank can be practiced using the flashcard principle.
  • Course elements (adaptations)

    • CE Task
      • automatic assignment of coaches to participants
      • Configuration option "Late submission"
    • Form editor: has been revised
    • Participant folder: A folder structure can be defined which is valid for all participants.
  • Participant view

    • Course owners can switch to the participant view without assigned role "Participant" via the button "Role"
  • Test

    • Confirmation by e-mail after the test is completed
    • Reset data automatically downloads existing results beforehand
    • new question type: gap text with dropdown (selection list)
  • Video options

    • CE task with video as task, submission and sample solution
    • CE video with import via URL
    • Video task based on learning resource video (task creation in the integrated video editor)
  • UZH Additions

    • ACCESS / stats4all

Last update: 2024-04-17