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Merge campus courses

This guide shows you how to merge multiple campus courses into a single course.

Example - include campus groups in another course

A module consists of a lecture and - due to the large number of participants - three practical courses (Übungen). A single OLAT campus course can be created for these four courses. The module booking system allocates participants to the three practical courses. The materials for all four courses can then be made available in a single course, namely the campus course for the lecture.

Step by step

  1. First of all, all four campus courses must be created. These courses are hereinafter referred to as "Main Course" and "Additional Course" 1-3. It does not matter whether the standard template or your own template was used during creation. If all courses have already been created, it must be ensured that the person who "merges" is entered as the "course owner" for all courses.
  2. Start "Additional Course 1" and copy the title of the course (STRG + C or CMD + C), for example "21HS GEO122.2 Exercises Social and Natural Resources: Group 1".
  3. In the "Additional Course 1" under "Administration" call up the "Member Management". In the "Member Management" in the navigation on the left side of the screen click on "Groups".
    The campus groups "_ UZH students with booking modules" and "_ Manually added participants" now appear in the middle of the screen. Click on "_ UZH students with booking modules" and then on "Administration".

  4. It is advisable to rename the campus group "_ UZH students with booking modules" so that it can be clearly identified later.
    Name this "BM 21HS GEO122.2 Exercise Social and Natural Resources: Group 1". The abbreviation "BM" stands for "_ UZH students with booking modules".
    Click on the "Finish" button

  5. Now click on the "Courses" tab and then on the "Add course" button

  6. Enter the (abbreviated) title of the "main course" in the "Table search" field. In this case the full title of the main course is "21HS GEO122.1 Social and Natural Resources". For the search it is sufficient to enter "GEO122.1", the entry will then be completed automatically. Click on the full title of the course in the hit list.
  7. Finally click on the check mark in the column "Select"
    Now the renamed campus group "_ UZH students with booking modules" from the "Additional course 1" is integrated into the "main course" and can be used there for the visibility and access control of individual course elements.

  8. It is advisable to place a note in the "Additional Courses" in the top course element that the course will not be filled with material and that the materials will be placed in the "Main Course". To do this, start the course editor in "Additional course 1" and enter a corresponding text in the "Visibility" tab under "Information if visible and no access".
    In the "Access" tab, check the box "Blocked for learners".
    You then have to "Publish" these changes by clicking on the corresponding button.

  9. Now repeat steps 1-8 for the other "additional courses", so for the campus group "_ UZH students with booking modules" in these courses.

Further options

It is also possible to manually merge courses by exporting students from one campus group and importing them into another group. Please note that with such a variant it is no longer possible to link to the course catalog. The synchronisation of the participants from the course catalog only works with the original campus group "_ UZH students with booking modules" of the original course..

Last update: 2024-05-24