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Course element "Literature"

By using the course element "Literature," course owners are able to provide course participants with their literature lists. The literature lists will be created outside OLAT with an external reference management software and exported as files in the BibTeX format (.bib). In OLAT, these BibTex files will then be imported into the course element. Course participants can view these literature lists and download them.

Course editor

In the course editor, the tabs for the central settings of the course element are at your disposal.

Tab "Title and description"

Here you can enter a title and a description of the course element.

For more information, see the "Title and description" chapter.

Tab "Layout"

Here you can change the layout options.

Tab "Visibility"

Changing the visibility of a course element is one of three ways to restrict access to course elements.
If you restrict the visibility of a course element, it will no longer appear in the course navigation.

For more information, see the "Visibility" chapter.

Tab "Access"

In the tab "Access" of the course element you can define who has access to this element.

For more information, see the "Access" chapter.

Tab "Learning path"

In case of a learning path course, you can define in the tab "learning path" whether the execution of the course element is obligatory or voluntary. Furthermore, you can define a time period in which the course element can be processed.

The "Learning Path" tab also defines which criterion must be met for the course element to be considered "completed". An overview can be found in the chapter "Learning path".

For more information, see the chapter "Learning path".

Conventional courses do not have the "Learning Path" tab. Instead they have the "Visibility" and "Access" tabs, including expert mode.

Tab "Configuration"

In the tab "Configuration" you can select the desired formatting of your literature lists. All literature lists will have the same formatting. Once a literature list has been added, the formatting can no longer be changed.


The following formatting styles are available:

  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • American Sociological Association (ASA)
  • Elsevier – Harvard (with titles)
  • Hogrefe (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie)
  • IEEE
  • Nature
  • Springer

Course run

In the course run, course owners can import one or more files in the BibTeX format (.bib). As long as no file has been uploaded, "No literature list availabe" is displayed.

By clicking on the "Import literature list" button, the import form opens. In the "Name" field, a title for the list to be imported can be specified. The "Bib file" area allows the upload of the literature list in the BibTeX format (.bib).

After importing the file, the literature list is displayed in the specified format. Imported literature lists can be downloaded via the "Export literature list" button by all course participants. Furthermore, course owners can remove once imported literature lists via the button "Delete literature list".

Last update: 2023-08-23