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Virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms offer the possibility of voice- and video-based synchronous communication and content mediation. They are suitable for online presentations, webinars, video conferences, online workshops, virtual group work, etc.

In OpenOlat different virtual classrooms, also known as web conferencing tools, can be integrated. As a rule, an OpenOlat-wide license and an appropriate hosting server are required to use these systems. If this is the case, the desired software can be activated in the OpenOlat Administration. Afterwards, OpenOlat authors can use corresponding virtual classrooms as course elements in courses.

The following virtual classrooms can be integrated in OpenOlat as external tools:

Typically, the following functions are available in virtual classrooms:

  • Area for presentation files (presentation slides)
  • Text chat
  • Whiteboard functions
  • Audio and Video option
  • Screen sharing
  • Interactions such as surveys
  • Recording possibility

The exact functional scope, however, depends on the concrete external software.

Virtual classrooms can be used for:

  • Presentations: Lectures, group presentations, presentations, lectures
  • Cooperative virtual group work
  • Online consultation hours
  • Thematic webinars and webinar series
  • and other synchronous, virtual meetings

General configuration - Add course element

As soon as the respective Virtual Classroom is activated in the administration, the corresponding course element is available in OpenOlat courses and OpenOlat authors can add and configure one or more Virtual Classrooms to a course. The respective configuration depends on the selected tool.