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Catalog 1.0

The Catalog 1.0 can be set up by an administrator or catalog administrator, so that authors can sort courses and other learning resources into the catalog in a meaningful way. The order of catalog entries can be defined by the administrator or catalog administrator.

OpenOlat users can use the catalog to search for specific courses and learning resources. Use the search mask in case you should not find the appropriate course in the catalog. It may be that the course author has not yet listed that course in the OpenOlat catalog.


Use the search mask if you cannot find the desired course in the catalog. The owner may not have entered the course in the catalog yet.

Only courses and learning resources that are also activated for learners can be entered in the catalogue.

The visibility in the catalog depends on the publication status and access settings of the learning resource:

User's role Access settings Publication status
Owner of learning resource Private, Bookable, Open Always visible
Coach of learning resource Private, Bookable, Open "Access for coach",
"Published" oder "Finished"
Participant of learning resource Private, Bookable, Open "Published" or
All OpenOlat users Bookable, Open "Published" or "Finished"
Guests Open & Access without login enabled "Published" or "Finished"

Last update: 2024-05-14