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Lernpfad Kurse

Learning path course - Participant view

A learning path course also differs from a traditional course for learners. The biggest differences are in the progress indicator and the learning path area. Also, learning path courses do not display tool icons to students for orientation. The key areas are briefly highlighted below.

Typical elements of a learning path course:

  1. Progress bar (learning path) in the course:
    Here the learners can see which elements they have already accessed or completed and also which course areas are not yet accessible. Ob die Anzeige sichtbar ist kann vom Kursebesitzer in der Kursadministration im Tab "Layout" eingestellt werden.

  2. Learning path" link in the toolbar:
    Here, learners can access the general overview of their completion status of all course elements with additional feedback information such as progress, status, commitment, scheduled completion time, and any date information. Course owners or coaches can see the progress of all course participants.

  3. Visualized display of the progress in percent. If all defined course elements have been edited or clicked on according to the configuration, 100% is displayed. If activated, the user's total points are also displayed here.

  4. Arrow buttons for navigation through the entire course. The user can use the arrows to navigate to the next course element. If certain requirements have to be met for the following course element that have not yet been met, e.g. confirmation by the user is missing or a test has not yet been completed, the message "This course element is not accessible." appears. Furthermore, " Read confirmation " appears, for example, if the user has to confirm that he has processed the corresponding module. An overview of possible confirmation criteria can be found here.

The visualized display and infos provide learners with a quick and continuous overview of their course progress and current completion status.

The percentage of completion (3) can be based on the number of course elements worked on or on the time units associated with the individual course elements. The user is shown in percent how far he has already worked on the course. If points are also to be displayed for the overall course evaluation (see configuration in the "Settings" menu → "Assessment" tab), the corresponding point value already achieved will also appear below the percentage display.

If the user has completed all the course elements defined by the coach, 100% will be displayed. If new elements are added or deleted in the current course, this is taken into account in the total and the learner's previous percentage value is adjusted accordingly.

The coach can also configure reminder e-mails to be sent when a certain percentage has been completed, e.g. anyone who has completed less than 60% will be motivated once again to complete the remaining work in the course.

Last update: 2024-05-24