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General information on forms

Forms form the basis for the course elements

  • Form
  • Questionnaire
  • Assessment (rubric assessment)

Forms can also be integrated into the learning resource "Portfolio 2.0 Template". In addition, forms can be used completely independent of a course, e.g. as a supplement to an attendance event as a questionnaire or entry form.

Typical for forms is that they consist of an information element, one or more questions and provide the user with an action option. For example, something can be checked or a selection can be made or own text can be inserted. Depending on the implementation and further integration into a course, the information is anonymous or personal.

In forms many different question types like rubric, single selection, multiple selection, text input and file upload are available. Each form consists of a page with one or more questions or elements. Branching is also possible via Question rules.

Changes to forms and included questionnaires

Please note that once a form has been called up by a participant, the form can only be changed in a limited way.


The predecessor of the learning resource Form was the learning resource Questionnaire (QTI 1.2).

The support of the old QTI 1.2 questionnaires was terminated with OpenOlat 15. Old questionnaires in QTI 1.2 format can no longer be added to a course, can no longer be used independently of a course, and can no longer be displayed normally.

If you still have old questionnaires that you need, you have to create the questionnaires as new learning resource "Form". Create a new learning resource "Form" for this purpose.

Last update: 2024-04-17