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Performance assessment


A number of course elements can be used either for summative or formative assessment, or serves as performance control tool. The following course elements can be viewed and assessed in the assessment tool. Further information on these modules can be found, among other things, in the chapter "Assessment":

  • Task (manual assessment) Grouptask(Manual assessment)
  • Portfolio task (manual assessment)
  • Checklist (manual & automatic assessment)
  • Assessment (manual assessment)
  • LTI (automatic assessment, transferred from LTI page)
  • SCORM (automatic assessment, transferred from SCORM module)
  • Test (automatic & manual assessment)

Refer to the chapter "Creating Tests" for more information on creating and configuring tests.

Evidence of Achievement & Certificate

An evidence of achievement is a confirmation of an existing efficiency control and shows e.g. taken tests or assessed tasks per course. An evidence of achievement must be activated for each single course, and are accessible once there are a) assessable course elements and b) one of those course elements has been completed and assessed. Users can access their personal evidences of achievements in the personal menu and the course, while coaches and authors can review those of coached users in the Coaching tool. Printable certificates can be issued with the course setting "Evidence of achievements".

All your evidences of achievement and certificates will be listed in your "Evidence of achievements". It always opens in a new window and is printable.

Last update: 2024-05-24