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Creating CP Learning Content

This chapter explains course authors how to create Content Packagings. Additionally, you will find information on how to embed your CPs in courses and explains the features of the CP editor.

CP stands for "Content Packaging" and is an e-learning standard for learning content. A content packaging is a self-contained learning content in a standardized e-learning format, for example an online module for your subject area. When creating your learning content as CP you can use it not only within OpenOlat but in other learning platforms that support this CP format as well.

CPs in OpenOlat are usually embedded in a course. It is possible to use the same CP in several courses. For example, you can use an introductory module not only within a course for beginners but also as starting point in a more advanced course. If you have not created any courses yet you will get some guidance in the chapter "Creating courses" before creating your CP by means of the following instruction.

If you want to create large learning contents we recommend using eLML.

Last update: 2024-05-24